"When you know better, you do better"

- Maya Angelou

I have an absolute passion for personal and professional growth! I believe we are all here to become the best versions of ourselves whether that be through health, wealth or right relationships. I am honoured and humbled to help others articulate their dream lives. We all been given divine gifts and our call is to share those gifts with the world! 

As a mentor, my role is to uncover your exquisite diamond brilliance and to support you in bringing that brilliance to the world with polish and confidence. 

As an experienced educator and knowledge translator, I have a knack for cutting through the noise to help you architect your best life on both the professional and personal side. I can help you take the lead on your path and co-create a road map with you to align all areas of your life.

Here’s how I can help…

Harmonize all aspects of your life

Let go of limiting beliefs, habits, and people which may be preventing you from reaching your highest potential.

Uncover, identify and overcome your blindspots 

Make positive, lasting changes in your mind; which directly and indirectly alter your present and future reality.

Uncover the science of success and the science of results 

Develop a clear vision of your short and long term goals, and the steps you must take to accomplish them.

Set goals worthy of your energy and use a proven and scientific process to achieve them 

Take inspired action towards a better you, better relationships, better work life, and all around more positive and fulfilling reality.

Embrace your true brilliance to shine like a Diamond

Build foundations and take inspired action to bring ideas to reality.

Live a life of inner and outer freedom

Cut through the noise to help you architect your best life.

Personal Growth Education & Transformation
Pathways Delivered Simply And With Integrity



Leadership Pathway

Do you find yourself stuck or dealing with a challenging situation you need guided support through? Together we will uncover, lean in and see through where you are at and where you want to be. 

Soul Companion Pathway

Soul companionship is the sacred support of you in your exploration of your spiritual self through the lens of your relationship to the Sacred & Divine. We will work together through contemplative practices, deep listening  and exploration of where you feel Divine presence or a lack of Divine presence. Although I do lean towards to light, I too have had to work through darkness including healing from familial addiction, cancer of loved ones, grief, suicide, mental illness, and leaning into spiritual pain to transform it into deep learning. I am filled with joy and steadiness to hold space for you to honour your unique journey. 

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Holly M.

Working with Cathy was life changing! I came to Cathy as a small business owner frustrated and having hit a plateau. I had outgrown a lot of other handmade businesses but couldn’t seem to break through that plateau. Cathy got to work right away and helped me change my focus and discover talents I wasn’t using.

Her mentorship helped me to create two lucrative lines of business that took me from making $10.00/sale to $1000.00/sale. She showed me the power of business partnerships to build market share and to leverage partnership strengths. I was able to buy my dream car and I was able to follow a plan that shifted my business model from low ticket items to luxury items which is where I truly wanted to be. 

Cathy truly helped me lean into my hidden talents and to become the successful businesswoman I was meant to be! I am now living life by my terms and with the income I have always dreamed of! Cathy you are brilliant! I am so grateful for all of your coaching, mentorship and support. 

Thank you, Cathy, for believing in me and helping me believe in myself!


Let me tell you about Cathy! She is an outstanding and inspirational leader who truly cares about the people she leads and exemplifies what truly serving others means!

I have learned so much from Cathy through her mentorship and coaching. I would not have gotten my senior leadership role had it not been for her skillful insights and loving support to help me crash through my fears and be a confident female leader in the tech field. 

I cannot express my gratitude enough for your insightful leadership and spiritual support. Cathy you are a such a kind and generous soul who really shines light on others gifts. Your strength is inspirational and your leadership is empowering!  Thank you so much for everything!


Cathy! I cannot thank you enough for our spiritual direction session yesterday. I danced both yesterday and this morning and started my morning with prayer and a candle. 

I am feeling so happy and centered right now! I am so grateful to have you and your spiritual direction in my life 💓 

Reverend Anna

Cathy invites people to discover their beauty and strength within. 

Her caring presence and candid compassion enables her to deeply listen, encourage and inspire others while holding sacred space for people to shine and grow! 

 Cathy is a talented, skilled, wise soul who is a blessing to me and so many!

Love and blessings my friend!

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